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What Is Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure that uses heat waves to treat pain. During the procedure, a board-certified pain management specialist sends radiofrequency energy near a painful nerve to stop it from transmitting signals to your brain.

Millions of people experience the type of pain that reduces their quality of life. Severe pain can limit your movement and diminish your mental well-being. With radiofrequency ablation, your pain specialist targets the origin of your chronic pain and eliminates it.

At her NYC pain management practice, Dr. Ilana Etelzon uses specialized spine procedures to treat many forms of pain. The experienced pain doctor uses a non-operative, minimally invasive approach to treat pain, including radiofrequency ablation and regenerative therapies.

When Can Radiofrequency Ablation Help?

Radiofrequency ablation is a pain management alternative to other therapies. Dr. Etelzon primarily uses RFA to treat arthritis in the spine, mainly in the joints and facets of the spine, as well as on most peripheral nerves. Other conditions that radiofrequency ablation treats may include:

  • Chronic back pain caused by spinal stenosis, herniated discs, vertebral fractures and degenerative disc disease
  • Whiplash caused by auto accidents
  • Back pain caused by irritated or damaged nerves, including trigeminal neuralgia, compression mononeuropathy and many forms of neuropathy
  • Post-surgical spinal pain
  • Pain in your neck, back, buttocks and hips
  • Some types of headaches

Dr. Etelzon practices in a state-of-the-art facility, treating a wide spectrum of pain syndromes, including complex regional pain syndrome, sciatica, musculoskeletal disorders, pinched nerves, neck pain, lower back pain and failed back surgery.

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Am I a Candidate for Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation is beneficial as a pain treatment because it offers long-term relief. Dr. Etelzon may recommend the procedure after a confirmed diagnosis. You may be a good candidate for radiofrequency ablation if:

  • You suffer recurrent back pain.
  • You’ve tried other conservative pain treatments without success.
  • You have a limited range of motion in your back.
  • You want to avoid surgery.
  • You’ve had previous back surgery, but the pain has returned.

Pain management specialists like Dr. Etelzon in New York City use the most advanced pain treatments for improved effectiveness and safety. With cutting-edge technology and the latest knowledge, she provides such pain treatments as radiofrequency ablation, upper back and neck steroid injections, mid back steroid injections, lower back steroid injections and spine facet injections for the best results.

What’s the Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure?

The radiofrequency ablation treatment differs based on your diagnosis and the location of the painful nerve. The procedure takes place at your doctor’s office and lasts about 15 minutes. The main steps of the procedure include:

  1. Consultation and review. Etelzon carries out tests, looks at your symptoms and reviews your medical history to reach a diagnosis. If she recommends radiofrequency ablation, she discusses the procedure with you.
  2. As you lie on your stomach or side, your doctor or a trained staff member administers a mild sedative or local anesthetic on the injection site to reduce your discomfort.
  3. Inserting the needle. Your doctor uses fluoroscopy to guide a hollow, insulated needle to the affected nerves in your spine.
  4. Radiofrequency ablation. Etelzon directs an electrode through the hollow needle to the irritated nerve and sends radiofrequency waves to create a current that heats the nerve tissue.
  5. Additional treatment. Your pain doctor may treat other nerves at the same time.
  6. Aftercare and recovery. You may feel groggy if given a sedative. The injection site may feel sore, but the discomfort resolves relatively quickly.

After the procedure, your doctor offers aftercare guidelines, including any follow-up meetings or treatments. For the best long-term pain relief for your back, contact Dr. Etelzon in NYC for a range of non-invasive pain management solutions.


Patient Testimonials

Patient Doctor Relationships Based on Trust

  • Dr. Etelzon always makes sure you are comfortable and leave her office with less pain you came in. She gets to the root of the problem. She's friendly. Clean office environment. No long waits, efficient visit. Highly satisfied with my treatment plan.
    Jacqueline Rodriguez Patient
  • Doctor Etelzon is very knowledgeable and really cares about her patients. She will take her time to discuss patients problem, answer questions and use her expertise to help. Dr. Etelzon maintains a friendly , clean , and efficient office environment.
    Narik Fuzailov Patient
  • Helped me with my pain! Great bedside manner. Highly recommend this doctor.
    Anonymous Patient
  • Dr.Etelzon is very knowledgeable and caring and has hands of hold! She was so thorough in her examination and really sees and hears the patient and determines a customized treatment. Thank you, Dr.Etelzon!
    Anonymous Patient
  • Dr. Ilana Etelzon thank you for your help, you have golden hands. Very attentive and knowledgeable doctor. The office staff is friendly and kind, you girls are beautiful.
    Valeriy Shek Patient (Google Review)
  • Dear Doctor Etelzon, Thank you again. I am starting to feel more like myself again...I couldn't say the problem is totally gone, but a big weight has been lifted...Today...I decided to go and do my nails which I did not do for a long time after the incident. I also asked my daughter if we could go to the park. These are things I normally enjoy but forgot about them for a few months now.
    Anonymous Patient
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