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What Is a Kyphoplasty?

A kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive spinal surgery that promises pain relief quickly. It’s typically used to treat spinal fractures, which are extremely painful because they involve the vertebrae of your spine. Through a kyphoplasty procedure, you find quick relief from your back pain. This minimally invasive procedure not only eliminates your pain, it helps you regain your natural height.

You can suffer a spinal injury due to a fall, car accident or another type of trauma. If left untreated, a spinal fracture can lead to:

  • Chronic pain
  • Height loss
  • Permanent disability
  • Even spine deformities

If you have back pain, Dr. Ilana Etelzon, a board certified Physical Medicine and Rehab/Interventional Pain Management Specialist, is the finest choice for pain management in New York City. She relies on her knowledge and experience to analyze your condition, diagnose the source of your pain and determine a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Am I a Candidate for a Kyphoplasty?

To determine if you’re a good candidate, your doctor may order x-rays, a CT scan or a bone scan to check for a compression fracture in your back. You may be suited for a kyphoplasty:

  • If you’ve suffered a spinal fracture or compression within the past 12 weeks
  • If you’re feeling substantial back pain and limited mobility
  • If you’ve experienced spinal deformities from recent osteoporotic compression fractures

If your pain hasn’t responded to over-the-counter painkillers or conservative treatments and it’s disrupting your daily life, talk to an experienced pain specialist like Dr. Etelzon. At her NYC pain management practice, you get effective and practical pain-relieving therapies. Her goal is to get you back to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

What Are the Benefits of a Kyphoplasty Procedure?

Apart from relief from the constant pain in your back, other benefits of a kyphoplasty procedure include:

  • The procedure takes place in just an hour.
  • After your recovery, you’re able return to your daily activities without pain or limitations.
  • Your mobility is improved significantly.
  • This procedure may be all you need for long-term improvement.

Most people who undergo a kyphoplasty return to an active lifestyle after the procedure. Trust Dr. Etelzon’s skill to take care of your pain.

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What Happens During Kyphoplasty Surgery?

The procedure’s conducted while you’re under local anesthesia or conscious sedation. While the procedure is tailored to you, your doctor follows several common steps that include:

  1. You’re made comfortable on an operating table with a anesthesia.
  2. Your spine specialist makes a small incision in your back, usually over the location of your fracture.
  3. Using advanced fluoroscopy imaging technology, your doctor finds the damaged vertebra.
  4. Then the pain specialist inserts a balloon through a tube into the bone.
  5. The balloon’s carefully inflated, elevating the broken bone and returning it to its natural dimensions. The aim of this step is to create a cavity between the vertebrae, which restores the height of your bone and helps to correct any spinal abnormalities.
  6. When the balloon is removed, your doctor uses advanced instruments to fill the cavity with a substance called PMMA or polymethylmethacrylate. It hardens quickly.
  7. The procedure is done in the office, and you’re discharged within a few hours.

The PMMA supports the fractured bone, preventing further deterioration and restoring your height. The surgery requires a small incision, minimizing your downtime.

What Does Recovery Look like?

Your recovery time depends on the severity of your fractures or any complications during the surgery. You can expect immediate pain relief. While you can restart your normal activities when you get home, avoid heavy lifting for at least six weeks.

If you have soreness at the incision, apply a cold pack to the area every one to two hours for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. This lowers the inflammation and eases your pain. This surface pain resolves in a day or two.

A kyphoplasty procedure is a safe way to eliminate back pain and resume your daily life. For advanced and personalized pain treatment techniques, contact Dr. Etelzon in NYC.

Patient Testimonials

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  • Dr. Etelzon always makes sure you are comfortable and leave her office with less pain you came in. She gets to the root of the problem. She's friendly. Clean office environment. No long waits, efficient visit. Highly satisfied with my treatment plan.
    Jacqueline Rodriguez Patient
  • Doctor Etelzon is very knowledgeable and really cares about her patients. She will take her time to discuss patients problem, answer questions and use her expertise to help. Dr. Etelzon maintains a friendly , clean , and efficient office environment.
    Narik Fuzailov Patient
  • Helped me with my pain! Great bedside manner. Highly recommend this doctor.
    Anonymous Patient
  • Dr.Etelzon is very knowledgeable and caring and has hands of hold! She was so thorough in her examination and really sees and hears the patient and determines a customized treatment. Thank you, Dr.Etelzon!
    Anonymous Patient
  • Dr. Ilana Etelzon thank you for your help, you have golden hands. Very attentive and knowledgeable doctor. The office staff is friendly and kind, you girls are beautiful.
    Valeriy Shek Patient (Google Review)
  • Dear Doctor Etelzon, Thank you again. I am starting to feel more like myself again...I couldn't say the problem is totally gone, but a big weight has been lifted...Today...I decided to go and do my nails which I did not do for a long time after the incident. I also asked my daughter if we could go to the park. These are things I normally enjoy but forgot about them for a few months now.
    Anonymous Patient
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