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How Does a Hip Injection Work?

A hip injection contains pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medication. The injection delivers the medication directly to the painful or injured joint for pain relief. Hip injection therapy reduces or eliminates the pain so you can return to an active lifestyle.

Your hip joint connects one major axis to two others, enabling the movement of your body. The joint bears the weight of your body. Inflammation or injury to any part of your hip joint leads to excruciating pain and a limited range of motion, stopping you from fully participating in your favorite activities.

If you suffer from hip pain, talk to a pain specialist in New York. Dr. Ilana Etelzon is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehab/Interventional Pain Management. She uses the most advanced techniques in pain treatment, including hip injections. Her treatment combines minimally invasive procedures with various regenerative therapies.

What Hip Injections Are Available?

Advances in pain treatment allow doctors to use a combination of therapies for effective pain relief. Medications your doctor may use in your hip injection include:

  • Steroid injections. The most common hip injection is a corticosteroid shot. The medication contains cortisone, a steroid, and an anesthetic or numbing agent. The steroid reduces inflammation and swelling in your hip joint. Cortisone temporarily slows the immune system, which offers pain relief in your hip. The numbing agent also helps ease the pain in your joint.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections. Intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections supplement naturally occurring hyaluronic acid found in the synovial fluid of the joint. The gel-like substance cushions and lubricates the joint, and your doctor may inject a supplemental amount to increase its effectiveness.
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. PRP is among the regenerative medicine procedures  used for pain relief. The treatment halts cartilage degeneration and promotes new cartilage creation. The treatment reduces hip joint pain over time.

Dr. Etelzon chooses non-operative approaches to treat pain, including hip injections. This pain specialist also provides other advanced procedures for pain treatment in the hip, including radiofrequency ablation  and nerve block injections.

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Which Conditions Does Hip Injection Therapy Treat?

Hip joint injections are effective for multiple pain-causing conditions, including:

  • Bursitis
  • Hip arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • A hip injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Impingement
  • Labral tear

If you’ve felt nagging hip joint pain that doesn’t respond to conservative treatment or over-the-counter medication, talk to a pain specialist like Dr. Etelzon. At her NYC pain management practice, you get effective pain relief solutions.

What Can I Expect from a Hip Injection?

A hip injection is a short procedure that takes place at your doctor’s office. Once Dr. Etelzon reaches a diagnosis and recommends a hip injection, she discusses the treatment with you. You can expect:

  • The doctor to take your medical history and examine your hip, using the latest imaging technology, if necessary
  • The area of the injection to be disinfected and numbed with a topical anesthetic
  • The injection occurs while you lie on your back or side
  • Your pain management doctor to inject the medicine into several spots in the joint if necessary
  • Not to feel much pain and whatever pain you do feel to be within tolerable limits
  • To relax for about 10 minutes after the injection
  • To possibly experience some soreness at the injection site
  • The pain-relieving medication to take a few days to start working

A hip injection isn’t always the proper treatment for you, but please follow up with Dr. Etelzon for a consultation to find an appropriate recommendation.

What Are the Benefits of Hip Injections?

Many pain specialists today incorporate hip injections in pain treatments because of the effectiveness of the treatment. The advantages of hip injections include:

  • Long-term pain relief, compared to conservative treatments
  • Better pain relief, compared to over-the-counter medications
  • A quick and painless procedure
  • No downtime
  • Diagnosis-enabling results
  • Treatment for a wide variety of painful hip conditions

Hip injections improve the quality of your life and allow you to resume your normal routines. Contact Dr. Etelzon in NYC for advanced and individualized pain treatment procedures.

Patient Testimonials

Patient Doctor Relationships Based on Trust

  • Dr. Etelzon always makes sure you are comfortable and leave her office with less pain you came in. She gets to the root of the problem. She's friendly. Clean office environment. No long waits, efficient visit. Highly satisfied with my treatment plan.
    Jacqueline Rodriguez Patient
  • Doctor Etelzon is very knowledgeable and really cares about her patients. She will take her time to discuss patients problem, answer questions and use her expertise to help. Dr. Etelzon maintains a friendly , clean , and efficient office environment.
    Narik Fuzailov Patient
  • Helped me with my pain! Great bedside manner. Highly recommend this doctor.
    Anonymous Patient
  • Dr.Etelzon is very knowledgeable and caring and has hands of hold! She was so thorough in her examination and really sees and hears the patient and determines a customized treatment. Thank you, Dr.Etelzon!
    Anonymous Patient
  • Dr. Ilana Etelzon thank you for your help, you have golden hands. Very attentive and knowledgeable doctor. The office staff is friendly and kind, you girls are beautiful.
    Valeriy Shek Patient (Google Review)
  • Dear Doctor Etelzon, Thank you again. I am starting to feel more like myself again...I couldn't say the problem is totally gone, but a big weight has been lifted...Today...I decided to go and do my nails which I did not do for a long time after the incident. I also asked my daughter if we could go to the park. These are things I normally enjoy but forgot about them for a few months now.
    Anonymous Patient
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